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Podcast by WBFF Pro Ru Wikmann on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life

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Mark Griffin - We Are Storytellers

Mark Griffin is an actor and writer. He was very athletic from an early age and after competing in squash tournaments for a few years he developed a passion for bodybuilding in his late teens. A few years later he had an opportunity to be part of ITV's Saturday night show "Gladiators", so he became Trojan and dressed up in lycra and whacked people for 5 seasons. Once he was offered the chance to be Action Man, in a part animated, part live action TV show of the same name, he was sure that he wanted to become an actor. His first big screen role was in Doctor Dolittle 2, and soon later he had a chance to star in a movie alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme. We talked about his experiences in acting, the transition from being an athlete, how to reach a state of emotional openness via acting training such as Meisner technique etc. We also explored the idea of humans naturally being storytellers, and how to cultivate this skill. We talked about his mindset, motivation, ways to improve performance and productivity while juggling all the things involved in being an actor.