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Podcast by WBFF Pro Ru Wikmann on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life

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Advait Deodhar - Need For Speed

Advait Deodhar is a racing driver at Porche Carrera Cup GB. He came to London from his native India, and shifted from racing formula cars to racing sports cars. The sensation of racing at high speed is incredible, when your heart rate can exceed 180bpm, you got 100% focus on the task at hand, and everything else in life comes to a standstill. Advait is all about living life close to the edge in an exciting manner, he has heaps of energy and enthusiasm, and he emphasises the importance of being obsessed about your chosen field in order to reach success. He told about his fitness routine, and how extremely fit racing drivers have to be in order to endure the lateral forces of gravity etc. Advait loves the practice of journalling, and he's also an avid reader. 


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