Mind your body. Know your mind.

Podcast by WBFF Pro Ru Wikmann on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life

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It's not easy to achieve optimum physique and health while giving full effort to learning and self-development. Most people would choose a singular focus and either dedicate most of their energy to athletic endeavours or dive into academia. 

This is why you don't see many PhD's sporting well developed arms and six-packs. It's also rare to meet someone who impresses you not only with being in good shape but with their intelligence and wide range of interests too. 

But you are different. You're not concerned whether it's supposed to be easy or hard. Is it worthwhile? This is the question you ask yourself. And if the answer is yes, you dive into it with maximum vigour. 

On Shredded Brainiac podcast we try to find the balance between fitness and the rest of your life. Becoming the best version of yourself does involve achieving an aesthetic physique, but that's not where it ends. 

The fitness lifestyle can be addictive but you can use it in a positive way. It's not just about training and nutrition. You can achieve success in a broad sphere of life by optimising your mindset through psychology of high performance and productivity. 

How do you keep expanding your mind while giving 100% to training your body? Is it even possible? The importance of focus in goal-setting is crucial, but can you work towards both of these goals at the same time?

I believe that you can. These goals can actually compliment each other, as your mind works better when your body feels good, and vice versa. True happiness can only be achieved when you experience simultaneous growth in various areas of your life.

Explore your inner motivation and do not become one-dimensional. Rise up! Aim higher. Chase your dreams through fitness, and live your life without limits. You deserve it.

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