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Podcast by WBFF Pro Ru Wikmann on finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life

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Alex Reid - Love Yourself

Alex Reid is a mixed martial artist and actor. He has fought for Cage Rage, BAMMA, UCMMA and Bellator. Alex shot to fame after dating and marrying English glamour model Katie Price which he had a turbulent relationship with. We talked about his childhood inspirations and going from a chubby kid to an MMA fighter. We explored how fame affected his life and his ultimate quest for self-love and self-acceptance.


Steve Cotter - Kettlebells, Martial Arts & Vegan Diet

Muay Thai coach Mariusz Slowinski returns to the show and we have a special guest via Skype - Steve Cotter, the founder of International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. He is a is a dynamic force in the world of fitness, sports conditioning, and mind-body practice. The foundation of Steve's strength and conditioning system comes from his martial arts experience. We talked about meditation, integrating mindset into movement, and the important role this has in Steve's philosophy. When it comes to kettlebells IKFF certifies fitness professionals by using a complete training and educational system based on years of research. We also discussed vegan diet and the remarks of Charles Poliquin on this matter. 



Steven Bridges - Magical Self-Belief

Steven Bridges is a magician living in London. His YouTube channel has reached over 100,000 subscribers. We talked about how he found his passion for magic tricks, got into street performing as a "normal job" didn't appeal to him, and now he also performs magic tricks entertaining guests at special events, restaurants etc. We discussed how much of it is talent and how much is work ethic, Steven also talked about his experience with hypnosis, favourite books, the importance of fitness in his life and how much all of this has impacted his self-belief.


Tim Han (Success Insider) - Reinvent Yourself

Tim Han is a performance coach and the founder of "Success Insider" YouTube channel. He told about the complete transformation he has achieved in his life, overcoming addictions and instilling a success mindset. We talked about how to reinvent yourself and how to achieve your true potential. Fitness was the main catalyst for the positive changes in his life, alongside his biggest inspiration Steve Jobs. We also touched on his experience with ayahuasca and how it helped Tim find spirituality in his life.


Mark Griffin - We Are Storytellers

Mark Griffin is an actor and writer. He was very athletic from an early age and after competing in squash tournaments for a few years he developed a passion for bodybuilding in his late teens. A few years later he had an opportunity to be part of ITV's Saturday night show "Gladiators", so he became Trojan and dressed up in lycra and whacked people for 5 seasons. Once he was offered the chance to be Action Man, in a part animated, part live action TV show of the same name, he was sure that he wanted to become an actor. His first big screen role was in Doctor Dolittle 2, and soon later he had a chance to star in a movie alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme. We talked about his experiences in acting, the transition from being an athlete, how to reach a state of emotional openness via acting training such as Meisner technique etc. We also explored the idea of humans naturally being storytellers, and how to cultivate this skill. We talked about his mindset, motivation, ways to improve performance and productivity while juggling all the things involved in being an actor. 


Pavel Nikolov - Man With Purpose

Pavel Nikolov is an entrepreneur, speaker and founder of Man with Purpose, a community of driven men, focused on helping each other find and do work that matters. We talked about how to find your purpose by discovering your passion and talents through self-awareness. Pav touched on his own journey in entrepreneurship and how to combat the fear of failure. He told about his experience doing the Elon Musk challenge, his morning routine, meditation and fitness interests such as Muay Thai, and how all of this has helped him to increase his performance.




Bryan Larkin - Believe In Karma

Bryan Larkin is an actor born in Glasgow, Scotland. At a young age he started lifting weights and became a competitive junior Scottish bodybuilder, winning several championships in his late teens. After severe illness derailed his bodybuilding success, he was struggling to find his purpose until he got into acting. Today you can see him in movies such as "London Has Fallen" alongside Gerard Butler. He also enjoys making his own short films, notable "Scene" for which he won his first BAFTA award. Bryan shared some great funny and serious stories, including his experience acting alongside Gerard Butler, and his impromptu interaction with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Andrea Domenichini & Jon Waterlow - Life Is Strange

Andrea Domenichini & Jon Waterlow are the hosts of Voices In The Dark podcast. It's a podcast about the human experience, exploring philosophy and psychology and trying to find the best ways to navigate life and improve your performance. It all started with analysing The 48 Laws of Power, a book by Robert Greene, and they are releasing one episode on each law. Andrea's journey of self-development actually started with Neil Strauss's book The Game, which lead to some interesting discoveries. Andrea was diagnosed with autism in his early years, hence, he had to put in extra effort just to learn to understand people and be able function in the society. Jon talks about his background in academia, and a new project he's about to start researching the counterculture of the late Soviet Union based on poems and drawings of Azazello.


Alexander Dziri - Step In The Arena

Alexander Dziri is a professional breakdancer born in Belgium but currently based in London. Recently he started training Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real and also started working full time in a marketing role at this media company. We talked about his early days in breakdancing, fitness lifestyle, the high he gets from movement, and travelling the world while performing. Alexander also talks about the importance for rituals and details the exact steps of his own dynamic meditation practice he calls "The Arena". In this he combines music, dance, emotional discharge, important questions in his life and gratitude. He also explains the concept of Explosive Learning Curve, and how it has helped him build a strong mindset and increase his productivity.


Advait Deodhar - Need For Speed

Advait Deodhar is a racing driver at Porche Carrera Cup GB. He came to London from his native India, and shifted from racing formula cars to racing sports cars. The sensation of racing at high speed is incredible, when your heart rate can exceed 180bpm, you got 100% focus on the task at hand, and everything else in life comes to a standstill. Advait is all about living life close to the edge in an exciting manner, he has heaps of energy and enthusiasm, and he emphasises the importance of being obsessed about your chosen field in order to reach success. He told about his fitness routine, and how extremely fit racing drivers have to be in order to endure the lateral forces of gravity etc. Advait loves the practice of journalling, and he's also an avid reader. 


Check out Advait's favourite books:


Marvin Reid - Defragment Your Mind Through Yoga

Marvin Reid is an occupational therapist and yoga teacher based in Twickenham and Richmond, London. We talked about yoga and meditation, and the value these practices bring when trying to defragment your mind dealing with the crazy pace of the modern life. 


Azim Nobeebaccus - You Always Have A Choice

Azim Nobeebaccus is a reiki practitioner and a spiritual healer. He started this journey as a quest for self-improvement, and reiki was the first spiritual practice he started exploring. Then he got into meditation, and also learned about plant medicines such ayahuasca and psilocybin, and how they can be useful to bypass years of cultural conditioning, and open up the person's heart. We talked about the dual nature of this world, the constant interaction of love and fear, what does it mean to experience oneness, and the implications of ego dissolution. You always have a choice, and it's all about perception. Awareness is what makes the difference, and it helps you see the distinction between what you want, and what you need. 


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Luke Courtier - The Art of Musical Comedy

Luke Courtier is a musical comedian, actor and writer. We talked about how he got into it through musical inspiration by Walking Blues, and gathering around the campfire and telling musical stories. In regards to fitness, Luke enjoys various types of exercise like running, lifting weights and Thai Boxing, and he strongly believes in the benefits it brings actors and performers when it comes to creativity. The brain just works so much better once you create an optimal hormonal environment through exercise. 


Blog post about my Kilimanjaro climb, with all the fundraising links:

Jude Samuel - Jiu Jitsu Is In Our DNA

Jude Samuel is a Brazilian jiu jitsu coach at Urban Kings Gym and also the vice president of talent relations and combat operations for the MMA organisation BAMMA. We talked about how people get into fighting for various reasons, and how it often changes over the years as the passion for it is developed. Also the sport itself always evolves, even though the core elements remain the same. It's amazing to see how the human spirit battles through adversity, and martial arts is a beautiful testing ground for it.  Jude also told about the history of jiu jitsu, how he believes it's in our DNA, what makes Brazilian jiu jitsu different, and why this martial art is so popular in the world. 


Blog post about my Kilimanjaro climb, with all the fundraising links:

James Northcote - The Magic of Acting

James Northcote is an actor you may have seen in movies such as The Imitation Game. We talked about how he manages to fit in his workouts within a busy filming schedule, and to make sure his nutrition is on point. We talked about his inspiration from books and movies, the magic of acting, and how a good movie can cast a spell on you. We also touched on the sacrifices you have to make in this sort of career, and how to deal with uncertainty. James loves poetry and has a keen interest in literature, so we also talked about the books that have made the biggest impact on his life. He also outlined his goal setting strategies, and the importance of it.


Blog post about my Kilimanjaro climb, with all the fundraising links:

Gabriel Sey - Have Fun With It

Gabriel Sey is an online coach and an athlete. We talked about how becoming a father made him more productive, and how to apply goal setting in business to fitness and vice versa. He told about his background in american football and the concussions he went through. Then we explored his physique and muscle model competition efforts with various federations. He also told us the story about how he met his future wife Nyisha, and how important it is to find the right partner in life. Gabriel also is an avid reader, and he talked about how this habit has improved his life.  


Luke Davies - Understand Your Pain

Luke Davies is a performance chiropractor based in Central London. We talked about how he found his passion for learning about the human body while overcoming his own injuries. Luke explained his unique approach to chiropractic, taking into account stress physiology, mindset, nutrition and movement. We discussed the cutting edge bio-psycho-social model of managing pain and basic pain education that people are often misinformed about. luke davies, chiropractor, chiropractic, pain managements, fitness, bodybuilding, boxing, mma, mind, body, psychology, performance, productivity, mindset, motivation, nutrition, lifestyle


Here are the books Luke mentioned:

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Charlie Watts - Express Gratitude Daily

Charlie Watts is a former MMA fighter and coach from London, UK. We talked about how he got into fighting by accident, and what he has learned after quitting the professional fight scene and focusing on his own gym and coaching business. We also discussed his training and nutrition, and also the huge difference in his life that he experienced after establishing the habit of expressing gratitude daily.


Anthony Taylor Still - The Body Heals Itself

Anthony Taylor Still is an osteomyologist and naturopath based in London and Southampton. We talked about the similarities between structural engineering and the way human body is built and how it functions. We explored his childhood inspirations of cartoon heroes and early athletic endeavours, such as being a British powerlifting champion. We also discussed his favourite books (you can find the links below), what he has learned through playing golf, and how to practice mindfulness by taking a conscious breath and update your status this way instead of using Facebook for this purpose.


Tony's favourite books:

Nicholas Mazzei - Find Good Role Models

Nicholas Mazzei is an ex army captain and an aspiring politician representing Tory party in the UK. We talked about his experiences in the army, the lack of good role models for men in the mainstream media, mental health issues and the fact that suicide is the main cause of death for men under the age of 50, and what the government can do about it. 


Mariusz Slowinski - We Are Born To Train Every Day

Mariusz Slowinski is a Muay Thai and martial arts coach and personal trainer at Urban Kings Gym in London. We talked how he got inspired to get into martial arts after watching Bloodsport and other Van Damme movies. He followed his dream to become a coach and moved from his native Poland to London 10 years ago. He told about his experiences while training in Thailand, and we also discussed how important correct breathing is for wellbeing and athletic performance, and how to improve it. 


Janine George - Just Do It

Janine George is Fitness Universe Ms Bikini Britain and Pure Elite Bikini Babe. We talked how she switched her career to fitness industry and stepped on stage recently winning both of the competitions she entered. We also discussed the importance of being proud of having and athletic body for girls, and how to stay sexy and feminine while being strong. 


Ashley Ridout - In It For The Long Term

Ashley Ridout is an osteopath based in King's Cross, London. We talked about the importance of looking at the body holistically and resolving the deeper issues lying under the symptoms, how GPs often overlook things that result in serious consequences, and how to make sure you don't let your ego in the way, and look after your body from a long term perspective.


Marcos James - Be Patient But Persistent

Marcos James is an actor and performer best known for his role in Game of Thrones. We talked about his upbringing in Jamaica, early inspirations, egocentrism in the life of a performer, and the importance of giving back. The 8th episode of Shredded Brainiac podcast - finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life.


Gary Logan - Strike Back

Gary Logan is a former pro boxer, boxing coach and strength and conditioning coach at Urban Kings Gym in London. We talked about his boxing inspirations, not being afraid to strike back and overcoming bullying, how to maintain a cheerful attitude and the importance of spirituality. The 7th episode of Shredded Brainiac podcast - finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life.


Derrick Twum - Mentor, Educate, Motivate

Derrick Twum is the owner of M.E.M Fitness, an organisation focused on youths that have been on the wrong side of the law. He helps them get out of the gang lifestyle, and aims to mentor, educate and motivate them through the lifelong benefit of fitness. We talked about his days in prison, lifting weights and playing chess, how to make boiling water with a socket and two wires, and the passion of giving back. The 6th episode of Shredded Brainiac podcast - finding balance between fitness and the rest of your life.


Josh Palmer - Fight Hard, No Mind

Josh Palmer is a Muay Thai & MMA fighter and coach. We talked about what it really means to train hard and the "no mind" concept from "The Last Samurai", also we discussed psychedelics, performance enhancing drugs in sport and how fight training can keep your ego in check.


Teddy Linard - Explore Your Character

Teddy Linard is an actor and film combat specialist. We talked about expressing your dark side through characters in acting, having fun while giving 100% to your craft, the importance of spontaneity, connecting with people, and how to experience life fully while keeping your health in check.


Isaiah Hankel - Black Hole Focus

Isaiah Hankel is the author of the bestselling self-development book "Black Hole Focus" and international speaker. We talked about retrocausality and how to start with the end in mind, how to allign your priorities, what does a balanced life really mean and is it realistic, creating habit hooks and staying on top of nutrition while travelling.


Paradigmz - Anyone Can Dance

Paradigmz is a dancer, choreographer and poet. We talked about the huge variety of music that inspired him as a child, his adventures in Jamaica and learning the history of dancehall genre, the Caribbean lifestyle, how to party hard and stay shredded, how to stay flexible while lifting weights, and training and nutrition strategies for dancers.


Williams Falade - Let's Grow

Williams Falade is WBFF pro fitness model, and he recently returned from world championships, having placed 2nd for the 2nd year in the row. We talked about his inspiration Hulk Hogan, his background in breakdancing, the importance of variety in training and nutrition approaches like IIFYM.